Large Blog ImageIt is TOTALLY possible to learn to overcome the drama, trauma and dysfunction of our past that left us feeling broken, depressed and different!

I am a student of Sociology, Psychology and Business. I believe that you are “more than enough” and we are each fully capable to learn how to become conscious creators of our best life.

I have been sharing my story with other survivors-of-bad-things in various online forums since 2009. My hope, mission and purpose in life is to share the truths that have set me free; the lessons I thought I would learn when I sought help following a lifetime of physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse and neglect – but never did.

I was told that my trauma’s were so extensive that I would never overcome them. I was given many different labels at different times and told that this was who I was and would never be anything more.

From complex ptsd to anxiety, depression, and many other labels, my journey has been one of overcoming not only the abuse that made me who I was but also the lies that something was wrong with me that kept me prisoner to my past.

My heart aches for those who have traveled the path of life, seeking hope and help yet continuing to struggle, not knowing why they struggle or how to overcome the feelings of worthlessness and helplessness that keeps us feeling hopeless.

This website is a compilation of my journey and all that has brought me to this place and hopefully a space for a broader discussion of the old ways and the new ways of finding meaning and purpose from our experiences.

In this space my wish is that you feel a sense of peace, welcomed-ness and curiosity as we consider many of life’s issues; the problems and the solutions that can help us to see that we are complete and capable to heal ourselves, our lives, our families, and ultimately, the world.

Welcome. And may the Journey continue.


Susan Kingsley-Smith  


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