Many who are seeking help for a better life often end up being told they are mentally ill and will need toxic drugs “for life” instead of being taught the basics of self mastery.

Why is this important?

Because those same people have the full capacity to learn and understand where those dark feelings come and how to become thought and feeling managers instead of avoiders through distraction, compulsion or chemicals

This article offers some good basics on the power of the brain to create the kind of change that can change our lives

Empowering Solutions – the things we can do differently to get this different results.

The Practice – choosing to activly engage in doing the daily actions that create those different results.

read more about how we can benefit from choosing to contain – not stuff or deny – but contain our thoughts and feel better for it.***

Steeping yourself in negativity has seriously terrible consequences for your mental and physical health.

Source: Complaining Is Terrible for You, According to Science |

***please keep in mind that learning to contain our dark thoughts and feelings is far different than denying them. For more in this please search the archives for “self discovery”.

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One thought on “Complaining Is Terrible for You, According to Science |

  1. EDDY

    This is one of the first lessons neuroscience students learn, according to Parton. \”Throughout your brain there is a collection of synapses separated by empty space called the synaptic cleft. Whenever you have a thought, one synapse shoots a chemical across the cleft to another synapse, thus building a bridge over which an electric signal can cross, carrying along its charge the relevant information you’re thinking about,\” Parton explains.

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