I understand that not everyone will have the same opinions as this blog presents so I have been advised to make it very clear that I am not a physician nor a therapist. 

It is assumed that anyone who reads this blog is doing so of their own free will and is capable of making their own decisions about their health care.

Repeat – I am not a physician and do not, can not and will not advise you to take any actions, including that of discontinuing the use of any drug, including psychotropic drugs. To do so abruptly can be life threatening; it is vital that one becomes informed and understands both the process and consequences of such a decision. If you are considering reducing your reliance on or attempting to discontinue the use of psychotropic drugs please review this and this for information and resources to get you started. 

Regarding sharing something from another source

Sharing from another source does not indicate that I am endorsing a particular source but rather offering information for you to consider that might support your own journey in some way. Knowledge is power and when we are not given complete information we cannot make informed decisions. 

Now – with that stuff out of the way..

I’m glad you’re here…

May you find something that will cause the light to shine for you. 

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