Making the shift from “I can’t” to “I can and I did”

Empowering Solutions is all about claiming our power to take control of our life. To no longer feel hopeless or powerless but to find hope by finding your power. Many are left “holding the bag”, so to speak, and are dealing with the residual effects of chronic family and societal dysfunction that says “something is wrong with YOU. We can feel hopeless and powerless over our own lives; as though we can never “do it right”. We often feel as though we are never “enough”. We often struggle with self sabotage, procrastination and live in emotional pain. Our relationships are often full of drama and sometimes outright abuse. We want things to be different – but we don’t know what to do to differently. Empowering Solutions is a trauma informed approach to personal empowerment via the path of personal development vs the old model of “something is wrong with me that needs to be “fixed”. Welcome to Empowering Solutions!

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