Healing heart

Very often when we start to find our way out of the darkness we want to bring the others in our life with us.

We read something inspiring and think “so and so needs to see this”.

We hear someone speaking on an issue that has touched our lives and forward it to a friend “you’ve got to listen to this”.

The thing is….

Those lessons that come to us?

Are for us.

And when we find ourselves automatically thinking that we need to tell this/share this with someone else…or anyone else?

We are missing our learning opportunity.

The Teacher is there.

Begging us to listen and learn so we can live our better life.

And until we learn to catch ourselves doing this?

We will often find ourselves continuing to struggle in the same areas in our lives because we are so focused on the lives of others.

Here is a truth that set me free…

We cannot heal others.

We cannot heal our children, partners, or other family.

We cannot heal the world.

We cannot bring them with us.

We can only heal ourselves…

And in doing this we will heal our families and ultimately – the world.

The mistake we make is in trying to “help” and help others to heal.

We get so excited about what we are learning that we want to make sure that everyone else get’s it too.

The unfortunate outcome here can be that we get so invested in telling them what to change that we forget this is not about changing them – but about changing ourselves to accept them.

As they are.

This is when their own healing will begin.

This is when we know we’ve done our own.

The Teacher shows up for us all the time.

The problem is that we think the lesson is for others.

The first lesson?

Learning to be the student.

The second lesson?

Being ready for the lessons.

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