imageHappiness: an emotional/mental state; a feeling of well being 


Such a big, broad, controversial topic in the world of self-help and mental health. After all – we are taught by professionals that our discouragement and depression is a brain disease, right?

Yet even though the research and evidence is out there that the term “mental illness”** is simply a metaphor rarely does a clinician address the fact that there is much we can do to improve our lives by improving our mindset.

So – what’s the path to personal empowerment around the issues that cause us so much pain?


Because what we can’t “see” we can’t address.

Today a share from a site that I follow and a short read to help us pinpoint some of those problem areas so we can discover the empowering solutions – the different actions we can take each day that will give us different results – and actively engage in The Practice – the doing of those actions.




By learning to recognize these issues we are “empowered” to make new, informed choices

Read this essay here: 7 Habits of Chronically Unhappy People

**the issues we struggle with are indeed real although the idea of masking “symptoms” with medication removes hope we can ever live in “mental health”. The “medical model”is just that; a “model”, a framework for the way we view the issues we deal with. There is hope. We are not powerless. We are simply too often uninformed.

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