brainFor the past century we were told that the brain could not change. That it was pretty much a stable, hard wired piece of our anatomy. That the person and personality were “enduring and permanent”.

Until it wasn’t.

The study of neuroplasticity reaffirmed to me what I knew instinctively all along. That with awareness, intention and effort that I could indeed change who I was as a severely traumatized child, then adult, to who I wanted to be….someone who could learn to be ok when things were not ok, do things I was told I could never do and live a life of my choosing instead of settling for a life of less.

I’ve shared here and provide the link to one of the books that made the most impact and confirmed the application of neuroplasticity, The Brain That Changes Itself by Dr. Norman Doidege in the sidebar. Here is the link to Amazon if you want to check it out. 

Today I found this article The Brains Way of Healing where Dr. Doidge discusses his new book and the application of self-directed neuroplasticity to heal our physical body. I’ve just ordered the book and wanted to share this article with you as a path to discovering your own innate powers to heal not only your mind but your body.

An excerpt:

A South African man with Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative disorder that often leaves its sufferers immobile, walks his symptoms into submission. A Broadway singer, silenced for 30 years by multiple sclerosis, recovers his voice. And in California, a psychiatrist and pain specialist rids himself of 13 years of chronic pain within a year, without drugs or surgery, through his brain’s own efforts. Those individuals, and thousands like them, achieved those results, writes Norman Doidge, a Toronto psychiatrist and author of The Brain’s Way of Healing, precisely because the human brain is a generalist par excellence. The prevailing 20th-century view was that it was too specialized for its own good—a fixed machine made up of discrete parts that can break down, never to function again. That concept no longer stands up to scrutiny.

You can read the rest of this article, The Brain’s Way of Healing at the following link: Source: How your brain heals itself

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