As I’ve traveled this path from barely surviving in coping and managing to becoming the creator of my life I’ve learned a lot about myself.

And one of the things I’ve learned is that SRBT’s* often don’t breathe.

We breathe.

But we often don’t breathe in the sense of consciousness of our breath.

Today I still catch myself – catching my breath in the context of actually holding my breath.

Its one of those things that is a sort of natural response to stressors but for SRBT’s its a way of living very often.

So today – I’m practicing being aware of this.

Without judgement.

Without trying to anylze it or why I’m doing it.

I can simply recognize that I’m doing it.

And choose to gently move myself back to making a conscious effort to breathe through my stress and that I know that I can do this again at anytime by simply choosing to become aware of my breath.


An empowering solution always comes from within.

And today the empowering solution is to…

Just breathe.


Can you notice your own breath and without judgement or question – gently allow yourself to choose to release the feelings of stress and know that you are safe and can create calm in any circumstance by choosing to focus on your breath.

I am always in amazement of your courage and commitment to the journey!

Be – and be well.

Its your destiny.



*SRBT’s = Survivors of Really Bad Things 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Just….breathe

  1. Susan_Ks

    Marla….thank you for that thoughtful and generous note! I am truly fortunate to have found my way and honored to be able to share the path with amazing persons such as you:) Wishing a wonderful holiday season for you – however that looks to you!

    Gratitude always!


  2. onegr8singer

    Dear Susan:
    You are simply AMAZING,my dear! Thank-you for the gift of YOU! I wish you a holiday filled with all that brings you contentment, and a New Year with many unexpected moments of love! Thank-you for truly “Living Out Loud” in a soft and most Powerful and Meaningful Way..God Bless.
    With love and gratitude,

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