health-happyVery often in this journey we really don’t have a good picture of what “health” looks like for ourselves.

We’ve often become so “problem focused” that we forget that in order to heal our lives we must become solution focused.

We focus on managing symptoms rather than on living our best life.

But then – the bigger question looms in front of us…

What might my life look like if I started learning how to focus on finding my power and owning the outcome of my actions?

So, I thought it might be helpful to share a few things that I’ve learned for myself and observed in others I’ve worked with over the years so we can start identifying our progress – the path we are taking from “here” to “there”:

  • We begin to shift to being able identify that we have choices vs thinking or believing we have no choices
  • We begin to shift from a chronic sense of hopelessness to feeling hopeful
  • We begin to consciously understand (recognize) “feeling powerless” is often the first step to owning our power
  • We begin to see that it is through actively applying learned knowledge that we can have the wisdom to know what to do vs feeling hopeless or powerless because we don’t know what to do
  • We begin to see that it is in shifting from talking about what we wish for to that of the doing as the path to transforming our life from the inside out vs seeking our solutions outside of ourselves
  • We begin to identify as being whole and complete vs broken or “sick”
  • We are able to recognize when we are “feeling” powerless and how to move through that to feeling “empowered”
  • We begin to understand that no one but ourselves can “empower” us vs seeking for others to empower us/give us permission/provide us our answers
  • We are able to actively engage in creating the life we want vs feeling powerless or unworthy to have anything different
  • We understand that we have control over our physical body and can connect with it vs being/feeling disconnected from our physical self
  • We begin to recognize patterns of interpersonal dynamics that are no longer working for us and knowing we can learn what we need to change repeating patterns that in the past led to a repeat of toxic relationships
  • We come to an understanding that we create our happiness vs continuing to seek happiness through other people, places or things
  • We start to see that we can create financial stability vs seeing life and finances as “not enough” or needing someone to “take care of us”
  • We begin to see how we can use our stories to create change around us and actively engage in helping others vs staying stuck in our stories

You can read more on this here.


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