Making the shift from “I can’t” to “I can and I did”

I started the Empowering Solutions page/project because I’d sought “help” for decades and still struggled with knowing who I was and what I was capable of. I’ve overcome what I was told could not be overcome; physical, sexual, mental, and emotional abuse and neglect that left me ill prepared to face the world as an adult. I struggled for a lifetime with deep feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, helplessness and powerlessness.

Ultimately I discovered that I was repeating the patterns of drama, trauma and dysfunction in my adult life and – that I wanted something different. I set out to learn for myself what it was about my past that made me who I was today and then to understand how I could make my tomorrows different. #EmpoweringSolutions is the result of nearly 3 decades of personal research, education and experience. Here I share the things that became the truths that set me free from the pain of the past and discovered the confidence to know that I was complete and fully capable to create the future I wanted.

Learned helplessness is a normal outcome for those who come from backgrounds of oppression and abuse and prevent us from being able to move our lives forward; we feel stuck and inadequate.

We often feel as though we can never do anything “right enough”, are not “good enough”; we struggle in relationships and life often feeling as though we are “less than” and are looking for validation and permission to even exist.

The good news? We can learn to recognize and resolve these issues and claim our rightful place in this world.

The Empowering Solutions project is where we are considering a new paradigm of emotional and mental health by way of personal education on the issues that enables us to feel empowered to create the change that can change our lives.

My wish and hope is to provide information and education that will stimulate your own thinking about how you can learn to create the change that can change your life and help you to take those small steps that will help you discover your best life.

Welcome to Empowering Solutions.


Susan Kingsley-Smith, IC


Welcome to Empowering Solutions!

What does it mean to be “empowered”? 

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