Some of you have read or heard parts of my story about how I was on psychiatric drugs for 15+ years, forced off them in 2007 and started my healing journey.

This journey included healing both from the first trauma of childhood abuse and neglect as well as the trauma of realizing that I had never been “ill” but that it was the drugs I was given and told I would need “for life” that were making me ill.

That the tolerance (when they no longer “worked” and I needed a “med change”), side effects (the natural effect of these drugs that are toxic disruptors to our physical self and in particular our nervous, metabolic, endocrine and hormonal systems) and withdrawals ( what is often called discontinuation syndrome) were used as evidence all those years of “illness” and justified the ongoing use of them by those who had labeled me as “ill”.

(Note: I do believe that most providers are under the impression they are helping and unaware that they are part of a system of care that makes poor outcomes the fault of the user of services rather than the ineffective and inadequate services that pathologize the human condition). 

Today, though, I’d like to share with you how I dealt with the physical pain of cold turkey psychiatric drug withdrawals and navigated the waters, so to speak, of learning to understand that my body holds and is connected to the energy of the Universe that helped me to make peace with my past and find hope for my future.

As I was coming out of the fog of the drugs in 2008 and realizing the overwhelming hyper sensitive senses where lights were too bright, noises were too loud and every muscle in my body hurt, I started looking for ways to connect with others, outside of the system I had been institutionalized in all those years.

One of the resources I found was an ongoing group and someone who introduced me to the ancient practice of Qigong.

In the beginning, I practiced this faithfully every day. I learned to meditate, to calm my mind and soothe the wounds of my soul and I wanted to share this resource with you.

Helen Wu created a practice that helped her to heal her own health issues and then started sharing it with others. You can read about her story here. 

There was a DVD created at one point although there are only a few available at this time at Amazon here. 

You can also find resources and information on Qigong at Beyond Meds here that include videos. 

I found this practice to be especially helpful for easing the pain of withdrawal and continue to practice variations of this to support my health as I travel this part of my journey today. 

I wish you the best and hope you find your path to perhaps be a bit easier with the practice of learning to live in your own energy.


Please note: this site does not offer medical advice; never just stop taking any psychiatric drugs. To do so can cause an increase in psychiatric symptoms including suicidal ideation. For more information to pursue this as an option for yourself please start here.

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