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As someone who has experienced long-term harm from my medical care that left me nearly completely bedridden, functioning only to the degree that is necessary and sometimes not even that for many, many years, I am an avid student of how we can reverse the harm caused by overuse of pharmaceuticals, the standard american diet (SAD) of processed (faux) foods and environmental toxins. (My body is healing…slowly but surely…if you’d like to know more about this last leg of my journey please visit this page then sign up for my video updates here)

Because my symptoms so resembled that of MS (multiple sclerosis) part of my journey has included learning how to heal my body of these symptoms. Weakness, severe paresthesia, bone crushing fatigue, eye pain, body twisting muscle spasms, electrical shocks (nerve damage) and god-awful brain fog have limited my life for years. I’ve also dealt with breast cancer that was, in hindsight, likely caused by at least one and perhaps a combination of the pharmaceuticals that I was told I’d need to take “for life”.

I am of the mind that a lot of what is called MS/FM/CFS/ME can be reversed. There are multiple testimonies of those who have relieved themselves of the burden of western medicine and gone exploring for themselves in the world of natural (not “alternative”) medicines. The foundation of each of these success stories is a plant based diet.

So today…a couple of videos that tells the story of one woman and her family and how she now helps others to find health through a plant based lifestyle.

It is important to always be cognizant that each of our journeys is unique. Our physical bodies have been exposed to unique patterns of toxins, our lifestyles and diets are never duplicate. The key to finding our path is always to begin from the inside and work from there to learn to listen to what our body needs. My body requires particular foods right now and specific supplements. The key is to be open to seeking, searching and being open to new information that will help guide to the solution that is right for us.

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