From activist Laura DeLano:

As an activist, I try to help raise consciousness around the fact that this is not about “illness” and “wellness” or “mental health challenge” and “recovery”—that language really gets my goat, actually!  It’s about oppression and liberation.  And as I mentioned in my first response, that liberation does not mean happiness and pink roses and smiles—it means liberation from the belief that those are the ideals one must obtain to be “normal.” It means embracing all the emotional pain that comes from being alive, leaning into it, listening to it, and defying those around you who tell you there’s something “wrong with” you because you feel it.  Every day I feel great emotional pain—I cry, or I get overwhelmed, or I have dark thoughts in my head, for example—but I’m no longer afraid of this, or see this as something I must get rid of.  This, to me, is psychiatric liberation, and it’s the message I try to convey through my activism.

Please read the rest of this article here:: Laura Delano on Psychiatric Liberation | Psychology Today

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