The truth is that most of us have limited supporters. The key, I’ve found, was to find ONE witness who knew how to validate and support my healing journey without “fixing” or enabling my dependence and helplessness. Someone willing to hear me when things felt overwhelming but who could let me “process” whatever was coming up for me without enabling me to stay stuck there.  This also taught me to learn to keep my stuff within my personal boundaries (space) instead of expecting EVERYONE to listen to all my stuff all the time. It helped me to learn to “self contain” vs “stuffing”. 

I have also learned that as the seasons of my life and the path of my journey changes, my “go to” person, my Witness, my supporter – often changed as well. There were many who heard parts of my story and not other parts. And then there was the One Witness who, when I was ready, was there for me to synthesize my entire story.


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