For a long time I thought there was some magical secret that no one was telling me. I could not believe there wasn’t a simple path from where I was, miserable, confused, feeling worthless, hopeless for anything better and helpless to know what to do differently.

This website is about sharing the how behind the healing journey that I’ve traveled.

I found there WAS a simple path to follow. Simple. Not easy. I had to be willing to let go of the idea that anyone could “help” me and realize that only I could help myself.

Empowering Solutions are the things I learned that I could do each day to help heal my soul wounds, discover my “self” and become the me I wanted to be. The “work” is learning to identify where we are, where we want to and how we will get there by learning what we can do differently (the process) to get different results. The Practice is choosing to do the work all day, every day.

We never “arrive”. Life is about growing, changing and becoming the best “me” we can be. Choosing a mindset that allows us to grow is the first part of both the work and the practice.

Sometimes we do lots of learning. Other days we do lots of practicing. Then there are the days we get to look at our lives and realize that wherever we are it was a choice – because not choosing to do the work is also a choice.

That urge to react when our emotional hot buttons are triggered is not because “someone pushed our buttons” but because these are our wounds that still need attending to; this is our internal GPS telling us “go here; attend to this wound now. Heal yourself”.

The journey is about learning to be ok when things around us aren’t.

Learning to understand the process and the practice is the beginning of being able to do our own work.

This mindset of “I can learn what I need to learn to be able to do life differently and get different results” versus the idea that “I’m broken and need someone to tell me whats wrong with me and then fix me” becomes a truth that sets us free from the bondage of being “less” as we start to see ourselves as “more than enough”.

This journey is path that follows a process and when we choose to engage in the practice is what moves us along our path from here, where we are, to there – where we want to be.

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