What we have come to call “depression” and known as a “chemical imbalance” is really much simpler. It is also not a “disease” let alone a “disease of the brain” but rather, what is being discovered, is the body telling us by the way we feel and function (or don’t function) that something is out of whack AND that with some tweaking and effort on our part we can turn things around.

The key idea to take away from this is that feeling unwell does not mean we are “ill” and “will be for life” but that our body needs something to bring things back into balance.

An excerpt:

A simple observation about life has formed the foundation of his conclusions, and that is, ‘everyone feels miserable when they are ill.‘ Labeled ‘sickness behavior,’ the common symptoms of feeling tired, irritable, bored, fed up, and not wanting to move, these symptoms looked a lot like depression to Slavich, who wondered if there might be a common cause for these symptoms for both people who are ill, and for people who are suffering from depression.

Today a share from an article I found to be very informative; please follow the link below to read in it’s entirety.

Alex Pietrowski – The truth about the causes of depression is slowly being discovered, and it’s not in your head.

Source: The Real Cause of Depression May Have Nothing at All to Do With Your Mind : Waking Times

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