The task of this journey is not to fix ourselves but to give ourselves what we did not get in the beginning.

What did you NOT get that you needed?

What DID you get that you did not need – or deserve?

Owning our justified anger allows us to let it go.

Grieving that loss is how we begin to live beyond it.

This is the hard work of shifting from stuck to unstuck.

In the process we often find both our purpose and our passion as we learn to grow ourselves emotionally by cultivating the skills that empower us from within.

Heres a link to A Journey where I share more about the how behind my own healing journey….you can search there for posts that are tagged/labeled as “this is the hard work” and heres one to get you started: Where Well Being Begins

Why is it hard work?

Because its new – its not easy but its not as hard as it sounds.

In fact – once we get the how behind doing it?

Its closer to a cake walk that I’d have ever imagined:)

Shine on!


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