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Please follow the links below to read this piece that once again confirms that the idea of the “chemical imbalance” is nothing more than a fairy tale. And while we of course can’t assume intent it would seem this is an effective strategy to keep people “med compliant”.

I will also take this time to point out that the reason these drugs seem to “work” is because we do get an initial “high” from them.

We feel great – after having been feeling bad often for a very long time.

Then when they don’t work anymore the dose is typically increased and/or one is switched to a new/different drug or another class of drug might be added to counter the known and intended “side effects”.

This is what is called “polypharmacy”; multiple chemical substances used at the same time.

The next thing that happens that causes us to believe these drugs are actually correcting a “brain disorder” is that if we miss a dose, develop tolerance (see above for increasing doses/changing/adding drugs), stop taking them or even under “doctors supervision” try to withdraw from them – we GET WORSE!

Every single doctor and therapist I know of will use that as “evidence of illness” and justify resuming/continuing use.

The problem with this is that nearly 100% of doctors have no idea what it takes to actually come off these drugs safely. For that – you can start here at the Proactive Planning site. 

Anyway – on to today’s share….from 2012.

Psychiatry’s Grand Confession by Jonathon Leo, PHD and Jefferey LaCasse, PHD

There are many angry comments on the NPR website. These comments are interesting, because apparently many patients who were told that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance never understood that were hearing a metaphor and not science. Since the chemical imbalance theory is often presented as a rationale for taking SSRIs, such patients now understandably feel lied to by their clinicians.

Read the rest of this well written post here. 



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