Making the shift from “I can’t” to “I can and I did”

Welcome to your own amazing journey of hope, healing and self discovery!!

Oftentimes we may feel powerless over our own lives and hopeless that anything could ever be different; wondering why bother? There is nothing I can do; I have no choices.

We may consciously know or understand that we do, or are supposed to have choices; that our life is our responsibility.


Yet we struggle with life, relationships and moving ourselves toward our “best life”.

We may deal with self-sabotaging behaviors like:

  • Procrastination
  • Running late all the time
  • Overcommitment
  • Fear of commitment
  • Feeling like we have to explain ourselves all the time to everyone
  • Lots of unfinished projects
  • Inability to set and achieve goals
  • Working in a job we hate or at least don’t like
  • Relationships that are hurtful or painful
  • Repeating the patterns we learned in the original drama, trauma and dysfunction
  • Wanting to do things differently – but not knowing what to do differently
  • And so many more examples….

We know something has to change.

We want something different yet don’t know what to “do” to do life differently.

ES is about learning what we can do to create the kind of change that can change our lives.

We do this by learning to overcome despair, live beyond chemical and behavioral addictions by resolving the pain that drives us to act in, act out or shut down.

Empowering Solutions is about being able to shift from ruminating the problem to discovering the solution…

One day, one moment one minute at a time.

Baby steps in bite sized posts.

This is not a journey of “recovery” but one of self-discovery.

Empowering Solutions is about sharing the information, tools, skills and resources that can set us from the pain of the past and fear of the future, setting us on a course to no longer be that victim of life but the creator of our best life.

We do this by making peace with our past, learning how to view ourselves as the creator of our best life, and letting go of being that perpetual victim of life; overcoming that innate sense of powerlessness and hopelessness that can devastate our todays and destroy our tomorrows.

A sort of ES 101: at ES we work on finding our own inner strength to create the life we want. We challenge the old & make room for the new. You are enough.

Welcome to Empowering Solutions!

Susan Kingsley-Smith, IC


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