Since the days of Carl Jung and Bill W. we’ve been led to believe that “addiction” was some sort of brain disease. And back in those days it made sense because this was really the beginning of anyone asking “Why do some people keep falling down that deep well? Why do some people keep doing things that are destroying their lives and their health?”

We’ve spent a century (or more) shaming, blaming and punishing those who escape life by literally escaping life through their compulsive behaviors and use of substances.

It’s time we paid attention to what’s really going on in the lives of those who abuse themselves by engaging in addiction/compulsion.

My disclaimer: Having experienced physical addiction to prescription drugs and having developed a successful nicotine cessation program for smokers…I do believe there is a physical component to addiction and the desire to avoid the discomfort from it.

With that said….

Excellent TEDx video by Johann Hari.

Well worth the 15 minutes to watch….

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