What I find the most helpful is your posts from Empowering Solutions. In fact, coming across your work there in 2011 was a real turning point for me…A mile stone in my recovery. It was the first time I came across “permission” to be totally real ( about drama trauma and dysfunction) by example.

River Ashely, United Kingdom 9/8/2015

Founder of the online forum Who Me ~ CoDependent? 


The one thing that helped the most was being encouraged to look at myself and what I was contributing to the dysfunction in our household. Susan gave me hope in a dark place always reminding me that I could do this. She taught me to trust myself,  encouraged me to look inside me for my own answers and helped me sort through things I did not understand. Susan stayed with me, taught me how to do for myself and held me accountable. Before I found Susan my family was struggling and the help we’d gotten was not helpful. My efforts to control my family left us all struggling. Since working with Susan things have changed so much. My husband is more involved with our son, my son has gone from despondent to being more independent and I am learning how to “let go”; I’m happy. We’re happy.

Linda Burnside, Colorado 3/2/15


….(sic) Your solutions are way better. (In response to a post that was addressing that Empowering Solutions is about knowing that we are truly the experts on ourselves…you can read the entire post and comment here. )

Marty 8/18/14

Dear Susan,

My name is Donna and I am 56 years old. 15 years ago after my nephew was killed I was feeling very down, tired, and losing interest in everything. I went to the doctor and he told me I was depressed and should be put on antidepressants. After being on Celexa I began to feel better. 1 year later he said I should start to wean off them. I said” No” I didn’t want to go back to feeling the way I did before.

Fast forward to 2 years ago I began having some very extreme issues. I went to another doctor that gave me a 2 minute quiz and told me I had bipolar 2, ADHD, Social anxiety, etc. I know that not going off the celexa was truly my fault. For years going to doctors no one ever asked why I was taking it and just kept filling the prescription.

The new doctor never said to go off it before making her judgments. She put me on lamictal, Lexapro, Adderall & Serequel. For months I was a zombie. I began to get very agitated, depressed, etc. My best friend said why didn’t they take you off the celexa before making a judgment?

So, after 5 months on these meds I decided to take myself off everything. Come to find out, I’m fine.

I found your blog talk radio site and began listening to all your shows. AND OH MY Goodness!

I am the child of a violent alcoholic father and come to find out most of my struggles were due to the way I grew up.

I was only feeling grief when my nephew died. “Feelings” that was the problem. I never had them before. It was foreign to me.

I also found Amy (www.guesswhatnormalis.com). I had written to her and told her I had always felt like I was cast in the wrong sitcom.

You and Amy have truly been a Godsend to me. I wanted you to know. You both have helped me more than any doctor in this life.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Life begins at 56. It will be a daily process and much work but, I finally have tools. I am med-free for 10 months and feel wonderful. And when there are struggles – I use yours and Amy’s sites.

Thank You!

P.S. Susan, Todays show was wonderful. I can’t believe how well you know ME! So, So helpful! I am so glad I found you. I feel like I am learning all those things I should have learned growing up. Your guidance is priceless!

Donna PA, USA


Susan Kingsley-Smith serves to circulate knowledge that encourages others to educate and empower themselves. Rather than relying on old models that no longer suit us, readers of her essays and articles may find new alternatives. Providing this information shows great generosity of spirit!”

Lynn C. Tolson  – Author of Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor’s Story.

Visit Lynn’s blog by clicking here.

To Whom it may concern:
Prior to finding Empowering Solutions/Susan Kingsley-Smith on Facebook I was taking two antidepressants a day, two benzo’s and a sleep aid. I was also taking several medications for chronic illness. I started following her and felt that her ideas were touching a cord deep inside my soul. I began to see my dependence on the psychiatric community, therapy and the medication. I could see I’d thought for years I had no choices and recognition is key. Now I know and live differently. I am my own person. I am healing. I am fine. Susan’s insights into the human psyche and why we do what we do is breakthrough information for me. I’ve told many clients and friends about Susan with the suggestion they follow her. It’s my hope they’ll take her concepts to heart and let them change her life as I have done. I’m happy to say that nearly two years later here I am, a competent able-bodied mentor, I go jogging and hiking regularly, I am psychotropic drug free and no therapy required to see me through; I see me through. I’m so grateful I met Susan and trusted in her wisdom as I have, it has changed my life and the lives of those I touch as well. She comes highly recommended from me.
Warmest Regards,
Kelly P.


I was thinking recently about this (online healing communities), and the thought occurred to me that you, Susan, are the safest, wisest, and most down-to-earth person I have yet come across, in my online searching for emotional, mental, and spiritual growth and healing.

~ Elaina

Dear heart – just wanted you to know what kind of effect you have… this status message: “Using words like “you” “always” “never” became indicators that I was living in a place where I felt powerless and increased my levels of fear, anxiety and conflict in my life and relationships. Learning to express myself outside of the role of “victim” meant learning to speak from a present, first person position. This gave responsibility back to others for their “stuff” and – my power back to me.”

Just changed my life, today, right now – I made the decision to get out of an emotionally abusive relationship… And I feel so happy and liberated. Thank you, thank you so much!


Annette G.

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