oceanWhen I first started on this journey I thought I would die from the grief that ripped me apart as I started separating myself from those who’d contributed to my trauma.

The one thing that has helped me to keep going was first born of anger and a need for justice that I knew I’d never get – someone told me that the best revenge is success.

Then the universe showed me that the stories I still lived with every day was causing them no pain.

They laughed at me and called me crazy.

So I decided that I would get through the nightmare that had become my life and learn to live my best life.

At first it was to “show them” but then in time it became about doing it for myself.

I’d given years of my life to suffering in anger, wallowing in self pity and ruminating my resentment and it had not done one thing to hurt them – it had only hurt me.

I realized that I was continuing to give my today’s to those who stole my yesterday’s.

Then – I became determined that they would not have my tomorrows too.

When it hurts so bad we feel like dying….we can let it go – not so they can get off without consequences but so that we can live.

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