One thing that I’ve found is that to live in “mental wellness” it’s important to get information on living life from sources other than mental illness system; to learn to see ourselves as learners capable of creating the life we want instead of as disordered, defective and disabled.

You see, in the bigger world, self development is a given. It’s a normal state of being to be learning and growing; figuring out whats working and doing more of that. Finding what’s not working and looking for what might work better.

The biggest challenge that we have is that our society has trained those the most vulnerable to suggestion to believe that something is “wrong” with them instead of teaching them how to learn to do things differently and do for themselves.

So, while I don’t particularly care for this mans often patriarchal views of women, I try to not make things “black and white” and be open to being able to filter out what I don’t find helpful from what could be helpful. With that said…today a share from Steve Harvey on dealing with the haters when the haters are “family”.

“That’s probably the most hurtful hurt there is, when it’s family that’s your critics and haters,” he says.

Whether the constant critique comes from a close sibling, a distant relative, a friend or even your own parent, Harvey has the same advice: Stop sharing your aspirations and goals with these people, period.

“You can’t tell big dreams to small-minded people,” he says. “You may have a person in your life who you can no longer take with you on the journey.”

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Dealing with family can be difficult and messy.

Is there a time you felt it was time to walk away?


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